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13 Fascinating Places to Visit in Brazil

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Brazil is a country with continental dimensions, the fifth largest in the world; so diverse in its topography, people, culinary, architecture and lifestyle that is just impossible to find a consensus on the best places to visit.

A list of the most visited places are sometimes a good indicator of where to go if you are not familiar with the country, but it can be deceiving since some of the visitors are on business trips while in Brazil.

What I offer you is a list based on the experience of someone that was born and has lived for over 40 years in Brazil; and that has traveled it extensively both on business and on leisure. The list includes some top destinations, of course, but also a number of lesser known locations that even most Brazilians have not visited.

Although Brazil is divided in 26 States and a Federal Capital, Brasília; my list only includes 9 States. That does not mean that some States are better than others, or that some States are not worth visiting; this is a result of my effort to be concise and make it easier for you to identify your next destination in Brazil.

Brazil is famous for its music, Carnival, the beauty and friendliness of its people, it's vast and rich rainforest, its amazing beaches, its unrivalled soccer teams and fans, and for the exuberance of its nature. I will add to it, its diverse and unique culinary, it's fantastic fishing, it's architecture, it's colonization and immigration legacy, and it's historical importance.

Hopefully you can use my tips while planning a trip to Brazil. If you already going to Brazil on business or for any other reason such as fishing, visiting a friend or family; you can use this list to extend your stay and make a very interesting and unforgettable side trip on your own.

Without further ado, here are 13 Fascinating Places to Visit in Brazil, alphabetically ordered by States:

  1. The Rainforest (AM)

  2. Chapada Diamantina (BA)

  3. Salvador (BA)

  4. Conceição do Ibitipoca (MG)

  5. Ouro Preto (MG)

  6. Pantanal (MT / MS)

  7. Fernando de Noronha (PE)

  8. Ilha Grande (RJ)

  9. Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

  10. Teresópolis (RJ)

  11. Pipa (RN)

  12. Florianópolis (SC)

  13. Foz do Iguaçu (SC)

On my next blogs, I will give you more details about each one of these destinations.

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Safe Travels!

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