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Get prepared for your fishing trip to the Brazilian Amazon!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Updated on 9/18/23

In this bog, I wanted to give you tips on how to get prepared for a great fishing trip in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Forest. With that spirit, I have listed a few travel/fishing items that I consider useful for the first-time travelers to the Brazilian Amazon. That list, together with your own, should help you create a very powerful checklist for your coming trip.


First and foremost, a Passport is required for your entry in Brazil. Ensure your Passport has at least 6 months prior to its expiration. The Brazilian government has recently communicated the intention to re-establish the VISA requirements for US nationals wishing to travel to Brazil, starting on January 2024.


The CDC website is a great resource to ensure you are covered with the right vaccines prior to your trip to Brazil. My personal recommendation is that you consider the below 3 shots.

  • Yellow Fever - This shot is good for life and it is recommended to prevent Yellow Fever. Make sure you take the shot at least 30 days prior to boarding.

  • Hepatitis A - This is recommended to avoid transmission via contaminated food or water, regardless of where you are eating or staying.

  • Tetanus - That is a shot that I always recommend anglers to take, to any trip, anywhere in the world.

Fishing License:

To obtain a federal fishing license in Brazil you will need to have a CPF, which is kind of a social security number for braziians. That makes it almost impossible for a foreigner to obtain a fishing license, as of today. States can also issue fishing licenses but the process varies from state to state. The Amazon State fishing license can be obtained online but the process is not user friendly. Please, contact us at Peach - Fishing and Adventures for updates on the process.

Travel Insurance:

Travelling to a foreign country is already a big adventure by itself, so you do not need to add any more thrill to that!

You may want to check if your credit card already offers some kind of insurance before consulting an agent or broker.

Clothing and personal items:

There is no need to fill your suitcase with clothes. The climate in the Amazon is Tropical and light clothing with UV protection is mostly what you will need. As a side note, remember that you will be fishing in the rainforest, so a good rain jacket should be in your packing check-list, as well.

Laundry services are available in the hotel and in the yacht, so there is no need to bring clothing in excess, you can always get your stuff washed during your trip.

Having said that, my personal recommendation for a week in the Amazon would be something like this:

  • Polarized Sunglasses

  • 4-5 fishing long sleeve shirts (upf 50+ and quick-dry) -

  • 2 pair of paints (upf 50+ and quick-dry)

  • 3 pair of bermudas (upf 50+ and quick-dry)

  • Hat/Cap (upf 50+ and quick-dry)

  • 2 pairs of Sandals, docksiders or water shoes

  • Sunscreen SPF 50

  • Repellent (mosquitos are not a problem in the amazon, but it is always a good idea to be on the safe side)

  • Antihistamine

Add to that list, the things you would normally take to a trip (cell phone, charger, medicines, reading glasses/contact lenses, pocket knife, toiletries, etc.).

Cell Phone:

Decide whether you want to use your cell phone overseas. If so, you may want to look for a plan that will allow you make and receive calls at a lower fee. Otherwise, plan to block your data services and only use free WiFi during the trip.

Credit/ Debit Card:

It is always a good idea to contact your bank and credit card providers to let them know about your international trip. That will prevent you from having your card cancelled during your trip, as part of a fraud prevention mechanism.

Main Fishing Gear:

Assuming you will be fishing for Peacock or other Trophy Amazon species, my general recommendation would be the following:

  • 2 Fly Fishing Rods : 8wt. and 9-10 wt. (the former for smaller peacocks and latter for trophy).

  • Line: floating for the 8wt. and intermediate or sinking for the 9-10wt.

  • Reels: Not so important, as long as you have a 30 pound backing line in it.

  • Line: Rio Outbound Short Clear Intermediate tip is a great choice, as well as, a full floating line (Please, note that cold water lines are not appropriate for the Amazon).

  • Leaders: 60, 50, 40 pound Fluorocarbon and 30, 20 pound Mono. Overall, the most effective leader is usually a 6 foot, 50 pound Fluorocarbon.

I hope I have helped you plan your trip, and would love to hear from you about any suggestion or remark. Register to our Webpage!

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