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13 Fascinating Places to Visit in Brazil: The Rainforest

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Go for the fishing, culinary, ecotourism and a unique ecosystem.

No introduction is needed to talk about the Brazilian Rainforest. Manaus is the Capital city of the Amazonas State, one of the most well knows cities of all the Amazon Jungle. Just to put it in perspective, the Amazonas State is about 6% larger than Alaska, and about 2.5 times larger than Texas. The Brazilian Rainforest has an extremely rich fauna and flora, with 10% of the world's wildlife and new species still being discovered. It is also often referred as the Lungs of the Earth, because it arguably produces about 20% of the world's oxygen.

At last but not least, it's undeniably an angler's paradise, with hundreds of hard fighting fishing species spread in its innumerous rivers, including giants like the Peacock Bass Açu, the Arapaima (Pirarucu), the Redtail Catfish, the Pintado and other fierce predators like the Wolfish and the Vampire Fish. Read our other blogs to learn more about fishing in the Amazon.

Manaus, situated in the heart of the jungle, is the 7th largest city in Brazil. It prospered mainly thanks to the extraction of rubber from the rubber trees. Whatever takes you to the Amazonas State, plan to spend a night or two in Manaus to visit the Teatro Amazonas (a grand opera house inaugurated in 1896 using marble, glass, and crystal brought from around Europe), to see the meeting of waters (where the Rivers Negro and Solimões meet and their water maintain unmixed for about 4 miles), to shop for local indigenous handicrafts; and to enjoy their unique culinary, which has an strong indigenous influence, using local freshwater fish, typical fruits and roots like mandioca (some suggestions for you to taste are: Tacacá, Moqueca, Costela de Tambaquí, Guaraná, Creme de Cupuaçu, Açaí and Pupunha).

You cannot leave the rainforest without experiencing the jungle. If you are into fishing, you must experience the jungle on board of Yacht, navigate for several hours into the heart of the rainforest, have the time of your life and fish for 5 days, have a jungle cook-out; and enjoy a caipirinha or two while listen to the sound of the forest from the deck of the Yacht. If you are into Ecotourism or are looking for a family vacation I suggest you book a few nights in a Jungle Hotel with all amenities that you deserve ( a swimming pool, daily guided tours, nightly interpretive demonstration, great food, and much more) and only about 4 hours away from Manaus. Check out our Website for some suggestions.

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